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SAT Accepting Universities in the USA

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SAT Accepting Universities in the USA

We have data on the SAT Accepting Universities in the USA for International students for enrollment. US universities have diverse SAT score requirements, typically between 1500-1600.

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SAT Accepting Universities in the USA

Following are the minimum SAR accepting Universities in the USA.

Name of the Universities25th percentile SAT Score75th percentile SAT ScoreAverage SAT Score
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.149015701528
Harvard University146015901520
Princeton University.143015701500
Stanford University.139015401465
Brown University141015701490
University of Pennsylvania.142015601490
California Institute of Technology.153016001540
Carnegie Mellon University.143015601490
Colorado School of Mines.139014501410
Columbia University.145015801515
Cornell University139015501460
Dartmouth College.143015801490
Duke University139015801485
Emory University.137015101430
Georgetown University.138015501460
Georgia Institute of Technology.138015301450
Johns Hopkins University.146015801520
Northeastern University.140015301470
Rice University145015701490
Tufts University144015501480
UC Berkeley131015301420
University of Chicago148015801530
University of Michigan134015301430
University of Notre Dame144015401490
University of Southern California.136015301440
Vanderbilt University148015901510
Washington University in St. Louis.146015801510
Yale University142015901505

SAT Scores for US Universities.

Name of the UniversitiesSAT EBRW Score
(Evidence-based- Reading- Writing)
SAT Maths Score
Princeton University710-780720-790
Stanford University690-760700-780
Harvard University730-790 730-800
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).720-770770-800
University of Chicago.745775
University of Pennsylvania.700-770720- 790
Yale University730- 780730-800
Columbia University.700-780710-790
Cornell University.680-760720-800
Rice University720-770770-800
Northwestern University.720-770750-800
University of California, Los Angeles.620-710600-740
California Institute of Technology.740-760790-800
University of California, Berkeley.630-720630-760
John Hopkins University.735780
New York University.660-740690-790
Chapman University.640640
Pitzer College690720
University of Rochester.670750
University of Virginia (UVA).705725
Tulane University. 700720
Binghamton University.680695
Indiana University Bloomington.625630
University of Florida.675685
Stony Brook University.640695

Hence, these are the SAT Accepting Universities in the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

a. What SAT score is required for Harvard University?

= For enrollment in Harvard University, students must have at least 1460 SAT scores.

b. What SAT score is required for Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

= SAT score of 1490 is required for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

c. What SAT score is required for Princeton University?

= SAT Score of 1430 is required for the Princeton University.

d. What SAT score is required for Stanford University?

= SAT score requirement for Stanford University is 1390.

e. What SAT score is required for the University of Pennsylvania?

= The SAT Score requirement for the University of Pennsylvania is 1420.

f. What SAT score is required for Yale University?

= SAT score requirement for the Yale University is 1420.

h. SAT Score for Scholarships in the USA?

= To qualify for merit-based scholarships, aim for an SAT score ranging from 1200 to 1600. The higher you score within this range, the greater the potential amount of scholarship money you can secure.

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