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Everything About SAT Exam in Nepal

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Everything About SAT Exam in Nepal

Here is Everything About the SAT Exam in Nepal.

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Everything About SAT Exam in Nepal

The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is the standardized test administered by the College Board. The SAT exam was established to evaluate candidates’ proficiency in written, verbal, and mathematical skills. USA and Canada Aspirants need to take the SAT exam to get enrollment, especially in the USA and Canada.

Brief Information

Full Form of SATScholastic Assessment Test
Exam Conducted byCollege Board
College Board WebsiteCLICK HERE
Section– Reading and Writing Section
– Math Section
Age LimitThere is no Age limit.
SAT Exam Fee$103

SAT Exam Eligibility

Following are the eligibility for the SAT exam.

AgeThere is no Age Limit. Most students between of ages 16 to 20 take exams.
Attempts to take up SAT exam.There is no limit to taking the SAT exam.
Academic EligibilityNormally, students take the SAT exam after high school.
ID ProofA Valid Passport containing name, photograph, and signature on it.

SAT Exam Syllabus

English – Reading & Writing

TopicNo of Question
Craft and Structure13 – 15 questions
Information and Ideas12 – 14 questions
Standard English Conventions11 – 15 questions
Expression of Ideas8 – 12 questions

Math Section

TopicNo of QuestionsContent
Geometry and Trigonometry5 – 7 QuestionsLine and Angle.
Polygons – Triangle.
Other Polygons.
Solid Geometry.
Algebra13 – 15 QuestionsLinear Equation in one variable.
Linear Equation in Two Variables – Properties and Graphical Interpretation.
System of Linear Equations.
Linear Inequality – Properties and Graphical Interpretation.
Absolute Value
Advanced Math13 – 15 QuestionsLaws of Indices, Radicals, Rationals, Conjugate Fractions, Long Division.
Functions – Properties and Graphical Interpretation.
Polynomials – Properties and Graphical Interpretation.
Quadratic Function – Properties and Graphical Interpretation.
Exponential Function – Properties and Graphical Interpretation.
Sequence and Pattern Identification
Problem-Solving and Data Analysis5 – 7 QuestionsSet – Venn Diagram.
Problems related to Percent.
Variation, Ratio, Time and Work, Rate and Distance.
Problems related to Fraction.
Permutation and Combination.
Data Analysis – Graph, Chart, Table

SAT Score Rating

Different LevelBest ScoreTotal Score
Best SAT ScoresEnglish: 670 – 800
Math: 730 – 800
Competitive SAT ScoresEnglish: 580 – 660
Math: 650 – 730
Above Average SAT ScoresEnglish: 540 – 580
Math: 540 – 650
Below Average SAT ScoresEnglish: 530 or lower
Math: 530 or lower
lower than 1030

Hence, the SAT score between 1400 to 1600 is considered the Best SAT score.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a passport required for the SAT exam in Nepal?

= Yes, a Valid ID (i.e. Passport) is necessary for the SAT exam in Nepal.

What is the highest SAT score in Nepal?

= Normally, Students score around 1500 to 1550 from Nepal.

Full form of SAT?

= The Full form of the SAT is the Scholastic Assessment Test.

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