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Student Visa Fees for Germany

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Student Visa Fees for Germany

We have data for the Student Visa Fees for Germany. Germany is an excellent destination for Nepalese students seeking to study abroad and gain exposure.

Studying in Germany is cost-effective for international students. State-funded universities have no tuition fees, and even at private universities, fees are around 5000-6000 Euros per semester, making it more affordable than in other countries like Australia, Canada, or the UK.

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Student Visa Fees for Germany

International students applying for a German student visa need to pay certain fees. Student’s Visa Fees are as per the shown in the table.

CategoryVisa Fee (Euro)
Applicants under 18 years old37.50
Applicants over 18 years old75

Hence, if you convert it into Nepalese currency, the Nepalese Rupees will be around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 10,500. Hence, this are the information on student Visa Costs for Germany,

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. How much does a student visa cost in Germany?

= The cost of a German student visa is 75€ (37.5€ for minors, i.e., those under 18 years old).

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