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Registration Process for GRE in Nepal

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Registration Process for GRE in Nepal

We have information on the Registration Process for the GRE in Nepal. There are three methods to register for the GRE. They are:

  • GRE registration by ETS account.
  • By Phone.
  • By Email

ETS’s full form is the Educational Testing Service. ETS conducts the GRE throughout the year.

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Registration Process for GRE in Nepal

Following is the process of registration for the GRE by ETS websites.

Step 1: Visit ETS’s official websites and create an ETS GRE account. Click on the Sign-up button and fill in the necessary information.

Step 2: After Creating an account, enter your username and register through the ETS login portal.

Step 3: Choose a test center and register through the My GRE home page. There are only four test centers for the GRE in Nepal.

Step 4: ETS Sends an email for verification. Verify the email through the ETS GRE login portal.

Step 5: Students need to Select the available test date from the calendar. Normally, there are more than 4 dates per month.

Step 6: Select a suitable time and click the register button.

Step 7: Finally, Follow all the instructions for payment of the GRE Fees.

After following all the emails, ETS sends mail confirming your test date, test choice, and test center. The ETS website is useful for checking the GRE results and GRE scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. How long does it take to register for the GRE?

= It normally takes less than 15 minutes to register for the GRE.

b. Can I register for the GRE myself?

= Yes one can register for the GRE online. It is the easiest method of registering.

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