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Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia

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Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia

We have data on Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia for enrollment.

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Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia

Following are the Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia.

Name of the UniversitiesMinimum Score
Australian National University.115
University of Newcastle.110
Macquarie University95 to 120
Queensland University of Technology.80 to 100
Swinburne University of Technology.85 to 100
La Trobe University105 to 130
Flinders University95 to 120
Western Sydney University.120
University of Canberra95 to 140
University of Southern Queensland.110
Victoria University105 to 120
Charles Darwin University.85 to 110
Curtin College120
Deakin College85
Kaplan Business School.90
Monash College95
Sydney Institute of Business and Technology.105 to 120
Griffith University.100
JMC Academy105 to 120
Edith Cowan University.95
Melbourne Institute of Technology.Accept
University of Tasmania.Accept
Perth College of Business & Technology.90

Hence, these are Universities that accept Duolingo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Duolingo accepted in Australian universities?

= Yes, 90+ universities and colleges in Australia accept the Duolingo English Test.

How much Duolingo score is required for Australia?

= Duolingo Scres ranges from 80 to 140, which an Australia visa requires.

Does Deakin University accept Duolingo?

= Yes, Deakin University accepts a minimum Duolingo score of 85.

Does the University of Canberra accept Duolingo?

= Yes, the University of Canberra accepts the minimum Duolingo score of 95 to 120.

Does the Charles Darwin University accept Duolingo?

= Yes, Charles Darwin University accepts the Minimum Duolingo score of 85 to 110.

Does the University of Tasmania accept Duolingo?

= Yes, the University of Tasmania accepts the Duolingo.

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