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Cost of Living in Canada in 2024

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Cost of Living in Canada in 2024

We have updated data on the Cost of Living in Canada in 2024. Canada is one of the most suitable destinations for higher education. Having the best colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, and quality of life, attracts students all over the world.

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Cost of Living in Canada in 2024

Following is the Cost of Living in Canada.

Monthly Cost of Living in Canada for Students

ExpensesCost (CAD)
Accommodation (Shared Apartment)$500 to $800
Travel (Public Vehicle Pass)$112
Food$300 to $400
Clothes & Shoes$30 to $50
Books and Stationary$300 per Semester
Phone Bill$50 to $100
Health Insurance$74
Utilities (Electricity, Water, Heating, Garbage)$180 to $200
Internet – 60 Mbps$78
Miscellaneous Expenses$100 to $150

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Average Rentals in Canada

Following are the city-wise Average Rentals in Canada.

CityTwo bedroom Rent/ Month

Source: Rental Market Report by CMH.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. How much does it cost to live in Canada per month in 2024?

= For a Student, $1,800 per month is enough to live in Canada.

b. Is 3000 CAD per month enough for a single person to live in Canada?

= CA$ 3000 is enough for a single person to live in Canada.

c. What is the average rent in Canada per month?

= The average rent in Canada is $1,270 to $1300 per month depending upon the city. But $600 to $700 per month for a one-bedroom apartment is also available in cities like Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Moncton, New Brunswick.

d. Cost of living in Canada for a couple?

= $3,000 is necessary for a couple to survive in Canada.

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