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Best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation

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Best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation

We have a list of the Best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation which can be helpful for students. The IELTS test is becoming compulsory for many countries as basic English Speaking skills. Countries like Canada, Australia, Denmark, the UK, New Zealand, etc accept IELTS as a minimum language requirement for registration.

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Best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation

Following is the list of Best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation.

Name of YouTube ChannelSubscribersLinks
AcademicEnglishHelp2.44MCLICK HERE
English with Emma4.55MCLICK HERE
English Speaking Success3.1MCLICK HERE
Learn With Sam And Ash2.22MCLICK HERE

Note: “M” means Millions and “K” means Thousands.

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How can a YouTube channel help students prepare for the IELTS?

These YouTube channels are helping students by providing valuable resources which is useful to improve their English Language skills and prepare for the IELTS exam. Following are the 5 different ways in which a YouTube channel can assist IELTS Students.

1. Tutorial Videos

These channels provide ample content for the preparation of Reading, Speaking, Listening, and writing in the form of tutorials. Tips, Strategies, and examples are useful for the students to prepare and understand the format of the Test.

2. Sample Test and Practice Exercises

Many YouTube channels offer sample tests and practice exercises that make students familiar with the IELTS format and Question types they may encounter.

3. Speaking Practice and Listening Exercise

Channels offer Speaking interviews and listening exercise videos. These videos improve the speaking and listening skills of students.

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4. Grammar and Vocabulary Lessons

A strong command of grammar and a rich vocabulary are essential for scoring good marks on an IELTS test. They offer different simple videos which make it easier to understand the grammar and vocabulary.

5. Writing Tips and Samples

Having good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary is not enough for good writing skills. Channels provide different tips and strategies which makes it easier and simpler for students to write a better explanatory paragraph.

Students can visit the IELTS official YouTube channel for more information.

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